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Jim Bisson

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jim is responsible for every aspect of PEC’s daily operations. He maintains an “Open Door” policy, ensuring he is always accessible to PEC customers and associates alike. Leading by example, he takes personal responsibility for the success of every job PEC undertakes.

Jim’s vision and focus are propelling PEC beyond its roots in New England to emerge as one of America’s premier commercial electrical contractors. During Jim’s watch, PEC has expanded its service offerings to include Design-Build Commercial Electrical Construction, Special Projects/Electrical Services, Tel-Data Solutions and Solar/Alternative Energy Services.

A true believer in corporate education and staff development, Jim has initiated a series of continuous improvement (Kaizen) programs within PEC. As chief steward of a rigorous, internal process designed to cross-train and continuously upgrade staff in safety and occupational skills, Jim actively promotes “better” throughout the organization.

Authenticity, concentration, innovation and extraordinary performance lie at the center of Jim’s vision, providing PEC clients with an unparalleled level of service and quality.