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By using BIM, we can plan and visualize the entire project during preconstruction and buildout. The simulations and 3D visualizations created allow us to better experience what the space will look like offering the ability to make changes before construction start. Having a greater overview from the beginning minimizes expensive and time-consuming changes later.

1. BIM allows for complete information creation and management of the workflow of our projects.
2. BIM also allow us to coordinate and share our information with all trades on the site.
3. BIM promotes better Collaboration and Communication.
4. Model Based Cost Estimation
5. Virtual Project Visualization during preconstruction
6. BIMS Clash detection supports project coordination with other trades and greatly reduces the need of change orders during the physical build plus BIM reduces projects cost and mitigated risk.
7. Notable improvement’s in scheduling and sequencing
8. We continuously experience increased productivity when using BIM by increasing the use of our prefabrication departments ability to design customized modular builds for our projects.
9. Enhances safety on the job by modeling thru visualizing hazards and potential problems of a project.
10. Better control of technical decisions, equating to a better-quality built project.